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Because I have received a large number of emails, I have decided to return for just a minute and do something that I almost never do, which is explain myself. Generally, I don't explain myself; I don't have to. I do what it is that I do and you may accept that or not because usually I don't care.

Now, over on LBYM I made the mistake of putting up a post that left the impression that I am in an abusive relationship. Well I am, and I am the one being abused. But I am solving that problem, and it is no one else's business. I will deal with it - I AM dealing with it. She will cease and desist or I will divorce her. That is all. No one need know anything else, and no one will know anything else from me.

It has long been a habit of mine to not respond to criticism of me, and to not respond to gossip. I just watch who does it and I evaluate the people thereby. When I run across the kind who like to gossip and backbite, and make up stories, and tell lies, I get them out of my life. It does not matter whether I am the target of it or not; such people are deeply contemptible, usually themselves emotionally unbalanced, and in all circumstances not people with whom I will permit myself to associate with or be around. In the past I have fired employees for it. I have kicked people out of my home and banned them from ever coming back because of it. I have permanently terminated contact with relatives because of it.

I will not hide my disgust with such people; I will not hide my contempt for such people; I will not have such people around me.

Now, on these boards and in other places, and in conversations with others, I have stated repeatedly that American society is psychotic. By "psychotic" I mean: disconnected from objective reality, operating according to precepts that are fundamentally irrational, and behaving in a fashion that is contrary to its own long term survival.

One of the primary indicators of this psychosis is how this society treats its men and how it treats its children. Men are given essentially no social value, and in a family setting there is a substantial plurality of psychotics who hold that all that goes wrong is due to the fact that the man is a predator and/or there is something wrong with him.

Children are treated by these psychotics as on a par with adults. Discipline is considered inappropriate, and when the child gets out of line due to a lack of understanding of what is expected or due to sheer boredom, he is declared to have a "disorder" and drugged into compliance. When that child grows up, he (usually it is he) is then imprisoned because he is anti-social, destructive, drug addicted, and generally useless. And yet, these same psychotics see no disconnect between their irrational treatment of the child and the behavior of the adult that results.

This social psychosis is shown very, very clearly on LBYM over the last couple of days. Not a single one of those posts reflect badly on me; all of them reflect badly on the psychotics that made them. And yet, the sheer number of those posts, and the sheer number of recs that those posts received show very clearly that something is badly wrong in Fooldom. What it shows, I suppose, is that TMF has become nothing more than a psychotic mirror of the psychotic society in which it is immersed.

There have always been a minority of psychotics and perverts on TMF; to keep this post from being pulled I won't name them, but a number of them are to be found on a board where it was announced as "good news" that I had stated I was leaving TMF. I have not in the past concealed my opinion of those diseased individuals and I will only be oblique now to protect this, my last post.

But I have concluded that the population at TMF has far too many psychotics for my comfort. Were I to return to TMF - even if only to be on this particular board - I would be compelled to deal with them - and this I will not do. I noticed that just a few days ago some light grey representing one of the most diseased of all perverts on TMF- a "person" who TMF banned and then had to let back because of the wails of the other psychotics - appeared on HWTSC; since I have that person PBoxed I do not know what for.

Therefore, I must say that when I answer a question, solve a problem, or show someone on HWTSC how to do something, I cannot keep those with whom I wish no contact from taking advantage of my knowledge and skills. They are not welcome to do so. I do not want them in my life. Not my real life and not my cyber life.

I have returned to tell you regulars on HWTSC this because you are entitled. While you have, without doubt, had your own problems to deal with, I haven't observed any of you behaving in a fashion that I define as socially psychotic. Some of you have clearly displayed troubles at various times, but then we all have problems at one time or another. We have dealt with each other and been friends for some time now, so you are entitled to know why I am leaving.

I do have a website that I have been promoting. The major focus there is property management, but I do have a section of the message board for computer discussions. The board traffic has been very light because I have (until literally the last 10 days) made no effort to promote it. I will be found there from time to time; if I do manage to build the traffic to a respectable level I'll probably set up shop there. If you would like the URL, email me.
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