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You know what really annoys the left?

Ignorant mouth-breathers that project their dim-witted views onto others.

You might try having an honest and open discussion if you would like to know what other people think. Your name testifies to your credibility.

Fail. With a capital F.
In my 10 years or however many it is now here on the Fool I've engaged leftists in all sorts of debate. I've seen firsthand how you people engage in "open and honest discussions". Let's summarize my experience:


TMF leftists speak of civility, yet openly label their political opponents as traitors. And take it as a fact that everyone politically to the right of Karl Marx is a moron and/or a Nazi. Label their opponents as racist/sexist/homophobe. And completely dismiss any idea that doesn't originate from dnc headquarters.

But it goes much deeper than that. Hence my list.

liberals are perfectly comfortable saying things like "For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country" and "And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." Folks like you nod your heads in agreement, because, well, America IS a place to be ashamed of most of the time and it IS full of ignorant racist/sexist/bigoted/homophobes who unfortunately have the same rights as I do..

People like you and other liberals like you like to pretend you've got all the answers. But reality has a way of asserting itself. You live in a bubble that reinforces your prejudices. Since you regard right wingers as idiots - and since you don't associate with idiots - it's safe to say that confirmation bias has a fertile home in your mind. You just KNOW those boobs over at Fox News are lying. Why? Because people you like tell you so and there it is.

Which brings us to the ultimate of ironies: All those racist rednecks you claim you hate? The ones that cling to guns and religion and antipathy towards those that don't look like them?

Look in the mirror. That's you. Much like a Jim Crow era southern democrat politician, you're infused with the same prejudicial wiring that those relics were. They lived in bubbles too. Theirs was hatred of skin color not their own. Yours is hatred of ideas not your own.

And now I can circle back to my original post. Your prejudice leads you to do a lot of dumb things. Such as criticize anything said by a right winger, including the stuff on my list. It's why so many of you exemplify and earn the tagline:

Nobody Hates Like A liberal.

You've earned it. And you keep earning it daily.

Please keep it up. In response to the reckoning your party got in November of 2010 people like you doubled down on terms like "teabaggers" "teavangies" and "tealiban".

While your side pointed and laughed, my side got organized. Guess we'll see if it paid off in a few weeks.

PS> Taking off after someone's handle is the weakest form of insult on the Fool. Please prove you have some measure of game by doing better in the future.
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