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You may be underestimating the level at which I am backed into a corner I do need to "hope" for a BT that improves my situation once the 0% rate jumps. I'm not holding my breath, just hoping. It is very likely I will have to shuffle that card to the top when some usuary rate kicks in.

Okay, but you still need to find out what that 'usury' rate will be. You may be surprised - it may be 13.99, like the other cards that you have balances on. But not knowing and waiting until the rate actually hits is hiding your head in the sand. And when you are trying to get your family out of the hole that y'all have dug yourselves into, you need to see what's coming up as well as you can. So, do this today: Call the number on the back of the card with the 0% rate and ask them when the 0% rate will expire, and what the rate will increase to. Then ask them if they have a lower rate available for you now, and if not, what you would have to do to get a lower rate. And then (as already suggested) you should call each of your other cards, and ask them for a lower rate, and if they don't give you one, ask them what you have to do get a lower rate. And then put a plan together to take those actions to get lower rates.

I've been taking a better look around and I'm starting to realize that there are a a lot of very rich people on this site. I'm seeing high incomes, millionaires, and for the most part people for whom money is no object.

You will also notice that a lot of those people have been Fools for a long time - 10, 15, 20 years or more. They didn't necessarily start out that way. A lot of them had debt that was as large as yours, if not larger, and a lot of them probably had less income than you do now. And even though it may appear to you that 'money is no object' to them, that's incorrect. They got to be that way because they do value money, and they spend it frugally, even if they are millionaires and have high incomes.

Respectfully, I'll point out that $1000 is a very VERY large amount of money to me and my family.

Well, I'll just point out that it's less than 2% of your current debt level. You don't have to tell us, but think about what % of your family's total annual income it is. And if you sell the stuff you have for sale for the 'hundies' you've indicated and the car for almost enough to pay off the 17.49% card, it's maybe, what - 16% - 18% of that total? So putting it in perspective, it may seem like a HUGE amount to you, peering up from the bottom of the hole you are in, but when you look at the big picture, is it really that large?

When you manage to sell all that stuff, I would strongly encourage you to take $1000 of the money and put it away in a savings account, only to be touched in a dire emergency - one that you would walk across the street naked in a snowstorm to get to the bank where the savings account is located to get the money. That will help you learn the skill of 'letting money sit' as well as prevent you from having to put something like deductibles from a car accident onto a credit card, increasing both the debt and the interest it's costing you.

All, I don't wish to resist, push back, or ignore things like "you need a budget" and emergency funds and such. I DO need to somehow carve out some breathing room first. A budget sounds awesome, but those are for people who have more money than month.

I would say that spending plans are actually the most critical for those who have more month than money. If they don't plan every penny that they spend, they end up without money and lots of month left to go. And planning your spending will help you carve out that breathing room, as will putting $1000 away in a savings account.

When I read things like "don't forget, your roof or furnace won't last forever and that isn't an emergency-- you need to plan for that in your budget" I realize that a budget can only point out failure/futility.

No, a spending plan helps you not have to scramble to come up with money to fill up the tank this week. If you don't have money put away to fill up the tank because you paid it all to the credit cards, then you end up having to put the gas back onto the credit card - what's the point of that?

I need hope and I have to deal with reality currently. I'm trying. This debt is my emergency right now.

And the problem is, if you deal with the debt as 'my emergency right now' - you are likely to put yourself in a position where you will end up having to put something unexpected onto a credit card, which will push your debt in the wrong direction. And what will that do to your motivation?

The debt is not really the emergency - it took you, what - 10, 20, 30 years to get into this much debt? It's going to take you a while to get out, too. So, the debt is really just a long trip to a destination that you can only get to one step at a time - not an emergency. And you need to guard against emergencies from re-routing you away from the destination.

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