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“Insurrectionist Photographed In Nancy Pelosi's Office Says It's Unfair He Remains Jailed”

Richard Barnett, 60, pleaded with a judge today to let him out of jail, where he’s been since he was arrested shortly after the riot. Pictures of him happily mugging for a pic as he sat in Pelosi’s chair with his feet on her desk quickly surfaced and became iconic.

“They’re dragging this out. They’re letting everyone else out,” Barnett yelled to U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Cooper. “I’ve been here a long time. It’s not fair! They can’t keep pushing me out month by month! Others are already home. After a brief recess, his lawyers said they would file a new bail motion. The judge said he would rule on releasing Barnett after that and then abruptly ended the hearing.

Barnett was indicted on seven counts, including felony obstruction of an official proceeding. The day of the riot, he proudly identified himself and bragged to a NYT reporter about an envelope he took from Pelosi’s desk, adding that he charitably left a quarter to pay for it.

“I am white. There is no denying that. I am a nationalist. I put my nation first. So that makes me a white nationalist!”
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I'm willing to bet that he's the kind of guy that if he saw a news story where someone else was claiming that our criminal justice system was unfair, he would just shrug his shoulders and say, "Criminals don't deserve any rights."
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Poor baby.

I'll bet he would be in favor of locking up anyone involved in a Black Lives Matter protest.
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As I recall, he bragged about how he had a right to sit at Pelosi’s desk because his tax dollars helped to pay for it.

I hope he takes some solace in the fact that the jail he’s in was also paid for with the help of his tax dollars.

I guess being a traitor can be hard.

Poor baby.

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Hee hee.

It's hilarious he sat there.

The world saw.

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