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You start off badly. No, you're not at all sorry to offend me, and it's very transparent.

You are seeing castles in the air. I am sorry to offend, however that doesn't stop me from doing so when I have what I believe a legitimate criticism to offer.

I'm sure David Gardner didn't like hearing that I thought the layoffs were proof of a significant management blunder either (assuming he ever saw it, which is unlikely), and if he was offended, then I am sorry, but it's what I feel.

..You told me the same thing, in quieter words, in private e-mail.

I guess it wasn't so private after all...what were you saying about "classlessness"? You must have been lip-synching something.

I thought about that. There was much in the e-mails which I did not discuss, and that particular point you had also launched at me in public, just not with the specific phrase which you found offensive, the "If you say so..." line.

Accept my apologies for the breech, if you think it egregious.

So, you're a Hampsterdam recslut. So? That's our audience that's reccing you, Mr. Deejay, not one of your own building.

I beg your pardon. I believe it is the Fool's audience, which they are allowing you to play with. When you call a talk show it is the station's audience, not the host's, and when you write a letter-to-the-editor it is the magazine's audience, not the editor's - even though the host and the editor play an important role.

Did I build "the audience"? Of course not. I never said otherwise.

If you think all those recs are what determines value and merit, then verily I say to you, you have your true reward.

No, they are a mere signpost, often insignificant. I frequent several boards hereabouts. I am the resident curmudgeon on the Excite@Home board, and my posts rarely get recommended there. So what? I have opinions and I state them forcefully, too forcefully for some I-am-my-stock readers' tastes. C'est la vie.

While this is a space I did indeed create, it is also a space to which I'm vurrrry indifferent these days, and of course I don't have to be around you if I don't want to be.

Of course not. You have it in your power at any moment to make me vanish. You probably wouldn't be the first. Or the second.

I do think that if there's tyranny present anywhere, it's in the [f]ool who is insistent on bashing into a community room with crashing cymbals and a ridiculous lampshade on his head and a sanctimonious attitude in his mouth.

So if I understand this correctly, someone who comes in with contravening opinions and calls "tastelessness" "tastelessness" has a sancimonious attitude. OK. Just learning the ropes, here.

So just have whatever last word pleases you, and then lay off of me, if you can.

Don't be coy; of course I can and happily will. Unless and until you post things which are silly, in which case I will offer my opinion. That's how these boards work. You talk. I talk. You don't have to listen, but that doesn't mean I have to stop offering my opinion to others who may be interested.

I will also continue to read your posts, and offer my recommendations when I believe them to be in good odor, and hopefully engage in discussion when it is appropriate (as now, methinks). I particularly recall the one which ended "The Fool needs to sell more ads", the thrust of which was that the Fool, by discussing alternate business tactics and models at the moment, appears to be directionless.

While I believe that to be a bit of an oversimplification (easy enough to do on a simple message board, to be sure), there is merit to the argument, and I clicked on the 'rec' button. I suppose I could have written another post saying "Me too", but in Internet School they told us that was bad form.

I've enjoyed some of your other writings, and disagreed with others. Am I to agree with everything? I haven't disagreed with everything, if that's what you're thinking. I called the "hankys" post tasteless. I haven't changed my mind.

I also particularly liked WonderPup's 4 point analysis, and have little to add, except that I thought his "3-month" time-frame a bit dire.

However if it helps, "Me too."
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