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Howdy Guys, I'm looking for opinions, critique and help me realize my goals and make them attainable.

So about me I'm 24 yrs old, I work at Panago Pizza, I'm engaged to a lovely lady :D, I invest $250 a month, I make about $2,000 a month(Hard to calculate exactly because it is so dependent on tips), I'm relativetly new to investing, I like the outdoors and I want to be FI and Retire Early.

My Idea's (Be aware that they are more like a stream constantly changing as I learn new idea's)

I want to be Semi-Retired by the age of 45 in 21 years, I want to move to a small little cabin on a lake with my Fiance and retire from the city life. I expect to take on a small part time/fulltime seasonal job doing something I love (Tackle Shop, Hunting Shop, just anywhere were I can bs with people and low stress enviroment and just make spending/vacationing change.). I expect my investments to make about $30,000 a year so I'll withdraw 50% of my yearly interest to pay my monthly bills (Water/sewer/hydro/w.h.y)

Then I think fully retiring around the age of 75 after I start to find work to strenous and just want to be able to visit/descendants more and relax. When I do that I want to make after interest and taxes about $60,000 a year.

Now that painting was done with broad brushes and is not very exact but it was to give you a picture of one of my goals... Now how I intend to obtain them.

So I think if I choose an agressive portfolio where I average 15% a year for 20 years at my current contribution of $250 a month I will have $374,374 round down to $300,000 just for safeties sake. If I get a little more conservative after retirement and Bring it down to 10% to achieve what I described above ill be right on track.

For the Second part if I can achieve 10% a year for 35 years and drawing out 50% of accrued interest I only realize an Interest gain of 5% I will have $1,618,023 at age 75. Which will be more then adequate to meet my needs, Hence either allowing me to retire earlier or
slowly withdraw bigger chunks as we go.

Now my investment currents and future Currently I have $1,100 invested into Dynamice Focus Plus Resource Fund Link:
I have just switched over to diversify my risk a bit into AGF Emerging Markets Fund

The Dynamic Fund has been averaging 18% a year and the agf Fund has been averaging 15%, which makes me think realizing my goals is possible.

These funds are being held in a TFSA at Edward Jones, My financial advisor and I have decided that once my account reaches $5,000 he will start trading stocks with allowing me to realize a slightly higher rate of return. To complement his trading style I will open a buy and hold account with TD Waterhouse, where I will subscribe to the Stock Advisor and buy stocks that seem healthiest and are within my moral code (No Alcohol, Cigarette's and no banks that give interest bearing loans).

My one psuedo Uncle (Close family friend) says seeing gains of 18-20% a year is quite possible and he has done so in his career as a stock broker. He also has high opinions of alot of the same companies Fool's have opinions on too, which gives him even more cred in my opinion.

My other Uncle says to only expect 8% a year from the stock market. Which makes my aggressive portofilio high growth dreams slightly dimmer.

At 8% ill have $159,497 and will need to up my contribution's by 275 a month (which will be a little hard :()

At 19% (Just taking the middle number :P) I will have $620,912 which will blow my needs way out of the water.

So Im just going with my 15% estimate, which will render $374,374 a touch over what I need but more is safer I'd say...

My fiance is also investing $100/monthly and her rate of return is expected to be about 10-12%, I want her monies to be the "Oh dear god we forgot about this bill before we retired!". Not exactly but I want to be able to cover ALL the bills if I HAVE too.

Kids are expected and life is too, such as I intend on getting at HSBC when the launch their shariah funds in canada or working at a car dealership as a salesman. So my ability to invest more will go up but with life my bills will go up i.e kids. I cant take out loans so I have to pay for everything up front. im idly thinking rent until I buy the cabin to retire in (100-200k), If I have to do that I will need to invest a fair chunk more.

Anyways, im just looking for advice and opinions. Gotta run for now catch ya all later

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