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Your focused Fool,
You do know about the ignore button right?


Your posts are always welcome islands of superior analysis in a sea of less than stellar posts. Wendy, yourself, and a few other stand-outs are the premium content on this board (or this channel, in media-speak).

However, I must agree with Tim. I don't mind there being a bit (just a bit) of froth on METAR, if it is of historical relevance that can be considered part of the long-term macroeconomic trend. The history of the space program is of extreme importance for instructing modern-day financial movers and shakers as to the value of doing one's mathematical homework, as well as listening to all views in seeking the solution for a theoretical problem.

METAR consistently ranks among one of the numerically most-posted boards on TMF, which makes it more attractive to lurkers and folks such as myself who check METAR every day.

If we cut out all of the "peripheral, but still tangentially-related" content, then the board will fall much lower in the rankings of most-popular boards, because folks will consider it to be "stale" and not worth checking on a daily basis.

If we can continue to monitor and publicly chastise - or as Tim suggests - ignore the worst offenders, then I think we can keep the board on-topic, while enriching its content with occasionally extremely well-written semi-relevant content.

The type of well-written tangentially relevant content might be information regarding the following macroeconomic trend-revealing topics:

1. Technological developments, including the technological methods used historically as catalysts for advancement of entire fields ripe for commercialization (such as the history of the space program).

2. Legal developments (international and domestic) which affect individual investment sectors - or which potentially affect the entire international economy (such as regulation or tariffs).

3. Social developments which affect purchasing habits or economic trends in groups or subgroups, whether they be mass-market devlopments, or small market niches (such as the extremely wealthy, or particular cultural subgroups with broad influence in tastes, styles, or habits).

4. The historical comparison of any of the above with the current state of said fields or areas.

5. Risk management issues, including insurance, alternative methods of risk-sharing or risk-shifting, safety, damage control, etc.

6. Relevant (and ONLY relevant) weather and climate change issues having direct bearing on the economy - such as sea level rise, hurricane trends, migration patterns of wildlife and people, etc.

7. A number of other directly or perpherally relevant content that is not purely political.

I liked the Forbes article, but I could have posted this same comment on a number of posts that perhaps could be adjudged not directly on-point. We always have allowed posts to be labeled "Off Topic" or "OT:" so that people are aware that they need not read the post or might give it only slight notice, as opposed to reading every word.

I am a big offender, but not the worst by far. FastMike, on the other hand, you sometimes err on the side of caution. I am sure that you curtail your own posting on topics that you might consider not directly on-point.

I would like to see more FastMike posts, along with more posts by some of our most thought-provoking members, such as Goofyhoofy, but I don't mind some OT content, so long as it doesn't become excessive.

The seminal post in this thread is not excessive.

Respectfully (and apologetically) yours,

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