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Your remarks show an abysmal ignorance of fact.

Talk about projection.

The economy is stagnant. 1.3% growth is in no way a "recovering economy".

If this man's policies had improved things, I'd support him at least in that aspect. They have not.

You guys cheerlead Republicans in Congress as "doing their job" when they block legislation proposed by Obama or Democrats at large. They've made a habit of such obstructionism and it's a point of pride for GOP leadership. Mitch McConnell proudly (and stupidly) admitted it.

Now you want to complain that the "man's policies" haven't done any good. Yet, with the exception of direct spending provided for in the stimulus bill (could have been more but Republicans wanted tax cuts), the "man's policies" regarding job creation have been forestalled by Republicans in Congress at every turn.

You're complaining about the effect of policies that have never been implemented. Maybe you have to be part of the Conservative brain trust to maintain this sort of cognitive dissonance.

Instead, his policies have created seven trillion dollars in new debt and he blames it ALL on Bush.

I'm sorry. Bush is not, and has not been the president for the past four years.

It took Bush eight years to turn a surplus into a $1.5 trillion deficit. Now you guys want to hang Obama with the entire national debt while expecting him to turn this around in four years in a recession while Republicans thwart economic progress at every turn.

Over 20 MILLION people are still out of work that had jobs before this all started under a Democratic Senate and Democratic House, and continued and accelerated under a Democratic Senate, House and President...

From the day Obama took office the jobs situation began to improve. It was under that Democratic Senate, House and President that we turned from losing 800,000 jobs a month into gaining 200,000 jobs a month. In terms of "acceleration" that's exactly what this leadership did to change the rate of employment growth from negative to positive. This "acceleration" notably stopped once the Republicans took back the House, and we've stayed at maintenance levels of employment growth ever since.

You liberals were screaming when George Bush added 600 billion dollars to the national debt.

George Bush added $1.3 trillion to the national debt with the stroke of a pen. Where were you when he was doubling what was once a paltry $5 trillion debt? Where were you when Reagan was tripling a $900 billion national debt? Where were you when Bush I was blowing up a $3 billion debt by half?

Under Reagan, the debt went from 32% of GDP to 53%
Under Bush I, the debt went from 53% to 66% of GDP
Under Clinton, the debt went from 66% to 53% of GDP
Under Bush II, the debt went from 53% to 84% of GDP

Thirty years of recent history of Republicans exploding the debt and you're all in a twist for Obama's failure to turn that ship around in four years.

There really is only one word to describe this - you people aren't in denial - you are simply hypocritical.

Projection of the highest order. Unbelievable.
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