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The contrast between this and Millenium's board and the Celera Genomics board is amazing... with respect to the drop I mean, over here it's treated as a non-event. So I guess first of all I'd like to commend you (for whatever it's worth to you).

Second of all, I am going to read those books and articles suggested to me so my contributions to this board are a little more intelligent than the typical "The market will wise up. Our company is great. Go our company!" stuff.

I was wondering what your thoughts were, however, on today's drop. No one has said anything, so I would like to start the discussion. Do you think this is a case of one final big drop to lure in bargain-hunters before the stock takes off again, or do you think that the selling will continue at a moderate pace for a while now... speak honestly, because I know we'd all like the former, and we'd all love to wake up and see Incyte trading at $150 a share or more. Personally, i'm in for the long haul, because while Incyte might go down over the next few days or even weeks, I will sleep a lot better at nights knowing it's in my portfolio and knowing I won't miss out when it announces something major, because I can't time the market. I like the company, and in the long run, it's really not going to matter too much what price I got in at. Honestly, if you think this company is going to someday have even half of the market cap Amgen has *now*, that is a price appreciation of 900%! Who knows, it could do that, it could even surpass Amgen, or it might not come close to accomplishing either. Of course, that's the risk of the market, and of investing in something as potentially huge as Incyte at such a relatively low price.

Genomics is the future of pharmaceuticals. I'll admit, I have a lot more DD to do before I can claim to know completely what I'm talking about, but one of the things I have read is that genomics will allow big pharma companies like Pfizer to find out exactly whom will be affected adversely by their latest drugs--when everyone has their gene maps decoded and included as part of their patient file, their doc will be able to tell them whether they can take a certain drug or not based on their genetic code. Thus, a lot of drugs that don't get out of FDA trials because it is proven that they are harmful to some segment of the population, but it is now known who it's harmful to exactly... those drugs can get approval and can be marketed by the pharma companies, which means the pharma companies will save big bucks in R&D (or rather, they won't waste money in R&D). Now don't you think Pfizer and Merck will be willing to pony up some cash so they can save bigger amounts of cash?

More drugs not only benefits the companies invovled, but it benefits humanity. By owning these shares, you're a part of that, in some small way, you're supporting this research. AOL is a great company, and all those technology companies are amazing... but don't you feel just a little *better* investing in a company whose purpose, whose raison d'etre is so beneficial to humanity?

Well, I suppose that's it. Buyers, sellers, momentum plays, etc. will rule our markets for a long time, and it's always nice to see your 1 week old investment double, but in the end, it comes down to where your portfolio is in the long-term. So hard to maintain that long-term focus, but c'mon people, you *knew* it couldn't keep going up the way it was going. Something had to give. I'm surprised it fell so much, it is almost surely overdone by now, but it *can* keep going down. Or it can go up. We never know. My new philosophy is to get your portfolio at a point where you are comfortable with every stock in it, and comfortable with the amount you have invested with that company. Then, don't look at it for a couple months, and set up some email service at or something to email you with news on the companies... get a hobby, go play baseball, enjoy all that is wonderful about life! It really is too short, let's enjoy it while we can and let investing be just that, another fun thing to do with life that is rewarding financially. Sorry if I'm getting preachy, but something happened last week which has made me really philosophical and has made me want to go out and enjoy life, and I want to share that with you as well.

Just tell yourself, you're holding the Yahoo's and Cisco Systems of the biotech world. And just think, if Yahoo! is worth 92 billion dollars now, what price do you put on the cures for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers... just to name a few of the possibilites in store for these companies, and that's only what I, as a semi-educated person (not done with college yet!), can see. Who knows what *they* have in mind? Watch a soap opera and see what "real" problems are! ;)

Really makes you admire the people who have held shares of Yahoo, Cisco Systems, America Online, and Dell for *years*, doesn't it?
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