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You're not "critical" of Israel or it's policies. You want all the Jews out or dead. I have seen more than enough of your posting to know this is true. I personally think that the creation of a Jewish State was a mistake, however 55 years later I can understand that it's a mistake that can't just be undone. You think it can and should be eradicated, you think that the only problem is that a lot of Jews are alive there, and that's why I believe your motive is hatred of Jews. I know you.

I believe the creation of Israel was a crime in the way that the creation of the US and Australia was - but neither of these could or should be undone. The difference is that in the case of Israel only relatively few people were killed, and that it happened in an age where you can't get away anymore with this kind of thing.
I do NOT wish to see Israel gone. It would harm a lot of innocents (I consider most of the Israeli population innocent) and wouldn't make anyone whole.
If I post about the "illegitimacy" of Israel it is to make pro-zionists understand that they are fundamtally in the wrong, and that they should think about how to make amends to the Palestinians the way the US have toward the Indians and the Australians toward the Aborigines.
Maybe letting them build some casinos would be a start. But material compensation isn't even the most important issue for me. I have some justice fetish in regard to racist persecution. It bugs me to no end that the Serbs for example have never really accepted what they've done in the rest of Yugoslavia even when they started digging up mass graves with Albanians in the suburbs of Belgrade.
The historic outcome of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is clear to anyone with half a brain.
Israel leaves the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian state is formed and there is mutual recognition and an uneasy peace that can hopefully develop into some kind of beneficial relationship over the longer term.
The refugees may be able to return to the Palestinian state but never to Israel. Israel keeps half of Jerusalem(at least).
There is no real justice to be achieved here. All that can be achieved is a solution that harms the fewest innocents and is politically doable.
I do not wish to see Israel destroyed.
What I want is to see a peace deal implemented AND THE WHOLE DAMN THING TO BE OVER WITH.

Bush is one man. Israel is a few million human beings. Weak analogy. If Native Americans started murdering people in the US, and you said, "good, it was their land to start with and therefore all non-native citizens should leave or die", that would be a better analogy and I'd have to examine your motives at that point.

The natives in the US are now citizens with similar rights. They have no sufficient reason to murder other US citizens. This is similar to the Israeli Arabs.
My dislike toward Israel is geared toward a particular part of its political spectrum - the right-wing zionist one. It is made up mostly of the Likud but also the NRP etc.
You anti-Bush hatred extends to the GOP does it not? That's not a single man, that is a huge organization with many followers, not all of which are simply stupid and misguided. Many indeed believe in the toxic agenda Bush has been foisting upon the rest of the country. So what's your motivation for hating the GOP?
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