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Please don't abandon this board. Even though you're not still in the business actively, you're still a wealth of tips and information.

For instance, I just finished up helping my senior citizen aunt move from an 11-room house plus two-story carriage house to a 5-room condo. We're talking about getting rid of 40 years of stuff and moving the rest. Priceless antique stuff, easily breakable, vs. WTF were you thinking when you bought this? It took a couple few months just to sort through the usable vs. the junk. And then the moving, piece by piece, article by article.

I moved a love seat on the top of my Subaru. Seriously, on the top of my Subaru. A love seat. In crazy traffic. On the top of my Subaru. That is so not happening again. Ever.

Now Auntie is saying she hates her new condo and wants to move again.

So... I may be needing your advice again, so please don't give up this board.
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You got it Lt. I could never abandon a gal in Uniform ;-)

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